Laura Wilson - Resident

"My husband and children moved to Cole Gardens Apartments in 1969.  During my 48 years of residency, I have raised five children of my own and many grandkids.  I have seen the apartments undergo several changes in ownership and property management.  I have always been active in the community and even served on the board.

I can honestly say that since SOLID Properties became the owner and implemented their property management team, the community is better than ever.  They have always been responsive to tenant needs and maintenance issues and have exceeded my expectations.  Rental rates never have risen more than 3% annually even through the long overdue renovations.  For the first time since living here, I feel the owners actually care about the tenants.  Several years ago, a community center was created with computers for the residents which is extremely beneficial for the kids.  Now SOLID is putting a community room in a building with computers, library area, etc.  From my experience, I would recommend any property owned or managed by SOLID Properties."

Darlene Crowder-Hamilton - Resident

"Since moving into my unit in the summer of 2016, I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment. From day one, the entire staff has been courteous and made me feel like I belonged. I originally moved into a beautiful newly renovated unit; however, I then requested to change units, as I preferred a different view. The owners were gracious enough to allow me to change and I knew at that moment I would be happy. 

The property has gone through much renovation which includes new balconies, new roofs, doors and window replacement and now, entry key pads. I just must say, job well done to both the property owners and management team and I am proud to call my apartment 'home'."

Christina Plummer – Property Manager and Resident

"I started working as a property manager for an apartment complex in April 2014. SOLID bought our property and went through TOPA with them. Back then, I would not have imagined I would later oversee all properties owned by SOLID Properties. 

As a property manager, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the residents, many of whom have been residents since the properties were first built. As a Washingtonian raised on a quiet street in NE, I never thought I would live in SE due to all the negative stories heard on the news. That thought soon changed when I found an apartment complex in SE that reminded me of the street where I grew up. My two sons and I ended up moving into a property owned by SOLID Properties in October 2014 and I don’t have intention to move until I can afford to buy my dream house. Working for SOLID Properties is a tremendous opportunity and has been instrumental in my ability to provide for my children."


Jacqueline Morgan - Resident

"After being diagnosed with a rare heart disease, I not only lost my 5-bedroom home of 16 years, but my business Round About Cleaning Services was impacted as well. After a thoughtful search for a new place to call home, I decided that my son and I would relocate to a quiet location in Randle Heights. A couple years later, the apartment complex underwent an ownership change and SOLID Properties became the property owner.  Let me tell you, they have been great!  Not only have they delivered on their promises, but they have gone above and beyond! 

I have since recovered from my illness and SOLID Properties was fundamental in reviving my business. I am happy to say that I am a proud business partner with SOLID Properties and my business is contracted to clean all their properties.  Thank you, SOLID Properties!!!"


Cassandra Smith - Resident

"Soon after moving in to my new place, renovations began on the apartment complex, which was a much-needed breath of fresh air to the community. The new owners of the apartment complex have delivered on their word to what was promised to the tenants. In fact, the addition of a community center was something built for the residents that went above and beyond the original plans.

Although I haven’t had many service requests, property management has always been very responsive. I am extremely happy and I can't wait to see the finished product!"

Chad Hambrick - Resident

"I'd like to take a moment to express my gratitude on the quality of service with SOLID Properties.

My apartment complex has been managed exceptionally well, with the property manager addressing issues as they arise. Although my requests have not been major, they could have affected my quality of life.  The staff is very accessible, courteous and professional."